Y 3.10.2008Y
11:50 AM
Yeah. I'm back for real. Haha. Yes indeed! I'm kinda' lazy updating what's up coz yenno', my life's no fun at all. Talk about dealing with so many problems, problems that i don't ever wanna talk about. Haha. :D It's like crazyy. Tss. Haha. :D I almost gave up. Well, almost. :P I'm weak really, especially when it comes to fuckin' problems about love. Haha. Bullshitt. :D As i was saying, "WE" we're not really "OKAY". I mean, yeh we talk, we text. Haha. But what? It's all non-sense. That's how we were. WERE. Past tense. :P It's still on the process of again, working it out.

Pagod na kong magkuwento tungkol sa kasaklapan ng mga nangyari sa buhay ko. :P At ayoko na rin yun pag-usapan pa! XD Walang mangyayari kung pauulit-ulutin ko lang sa utak ko lahat ng nakikita kong problema/mali sa buhay at paligid ko. Wala naman akong magagawa eh. Haha. :D Bulag bulagan. Habaan ang pasesnsya. Ibigay ang lahat ng kayang ibigay. Sabihin ang dapat sabihin. Iparamdam lahat ng dapat iparamdam. Intindihin hangga't kayang intindihin. Ng sa huli, hindi ka makaramdam ng pagsisisi.

There's no reason for us to hold back our feelings because of fear. Fear of rejection. Fear of being left alone. Fear of being hurt because of LOVE. Hence, we should still search for reasons to trust the one we love. And i say, the LOVE you share with each other is really enough, right? :)

We have to ACCEPT the things that we CANNOT CHANGE.

And i strongly believe in that already. Certain things made me believe that this is TRUE. Not all people are willing to change just for the one they love. Sickly, yes. Love is still ain't enough for a person to change his/her ways just to be better, and for the better. :(
Let us be considerate. Think of what others might feel before you make a move. Think first and settle for the good. It's the best way to avoid hurting other people and making them feel WORTHLESS. Or you'll suffer the circumstances in the end. :(

In reality, I'm scared. Scared of losing this again. That it might not end up as what i always desired it to be. For it might still fall even if i'm gripping on it so tightly that my hands are about to bleed. But still, my heart gives me many reasons to hold on even tighter.

I'm not gonna give up that easy, i strongly believe that our love is meant to last.

Y 2.09.2008Y
6:12 PM
Guys, guys, guys. Or whatever you call them. HAHA. They're weird. ;3 ACK.

Some weird facts about guys that we girls aren't aware of. Haha. :D


* Guys hate sluts even though they have sex with them! (oh yeah..you're not "popular" if you've slept with more than 6 guys..you're a HOE)
* Guys may be flirting around all day but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl they truly care about.
* Guys go crazy over a girl's smile.
* Guys will do anything just to get you to notice him.
* Guys hate it when you talk about your ex-boyfriend or ex love-interest.
* Boyfriends need to be reassured often that they're still loved.
* Don't talk about your guy friends to your boyfriend.
*Guys get jealous easily.
* Guys are more emotional than they'd like people to think.
* Giving a guy a hanging message like "You know what?!..uh...nevermind.." would make him jump to a conclusion that is far from what you are thinking. And he'll assume he did something wrong and he'll obsess about it trying to figure it out.
* Guys are good flatterers when courting but they usually stammer when they talk to a girl they really like.
* A usual act that proves that the guy likes you is when he teases you.
* Guys love you more than you love them if they are serious in your relationships.
* Guys think WAY too much. One smallthing a girl does, even if she doesn't notice it can make the guy think about it for hours, trying to figure out what it meant.
* Guys seek for advice from girls not other guys. Because most guys think alike, so if one guy's confused, then we're all confused.
* When a guy asks you to leave him alone, he's just actually saying, "Please come and listen to me."
* If a guy starts to talk seriously, listen to him. It doesn't happen that often, so when it does, you know something's up.
* If your best guy friend seems to avoid you or is never around when you're with your boyfriend, he's probably jealous and likes you.
* When a guy tells you that you are beautiful, don't say you aren't. It makes them want to stop telling you because they don't want you to disagree with them.
* When a guy looks at you for longer than a second, he's definitely thinking something.
* Guys don't like girls who punch harder than they do.
* A guy has more problems than you can see with your naked eyes.
* Don't be a snob. Guys can be intimidated and give up easily.
* Guys talk about girls more than girls talk about guys.
* Guys hate rejection, but they hate being led on even more.
* If you are going to reject a guy, just do it. Don't say they are like a brother or just good friends, it just hurts even more. Tell them that you aren't interested in a relationship and they will respect you.
* Guys really think that girls are strange and have unpredictable decisions and are MAD confusing but somehow are drawn even more to them.
* When a guy sacrifices his sleep and health just to be with you, he really likes you and wants to be with you as much as possible.

3:41 PM
Updates up ahead. ;) && a Taglish mushy entry. HAHA. XD

Well yeh, I've been through hell of ups and downs lately.

*Sigh* *Refreshes memory* *Memory lapses* LOL.

I don't know what the heck is the reason behind all of the non-sense fights we had. We're like crazy. Haha. Away-bati ang drama. Suckerr. We're like the sweetest at the moment and the next thing you'll know, dead air will start kicking in out of nowhere. As in complete moment of silence. Irritating everr. Haha. Superr irritating. Parang parehas kaming mawawlan ng gana na hindi ka din naman malaman kung bakit. Haha. Maraming nagbago, maraming nag-iba.
I thought we were the sweetest back then, when the two of us were just "friends". Before, we have a lot of time to be together, unlike now, many circumstances stands on our way. Sometimes i'm thinking that maybe the both of us are better of as friends. It sucks big but i know you can't blame me. Everyone will come to realize that if a relationship doesn't turn out very well even if you're both workin' on it, then maybe it's not meant to be that way. Maybe God has other plans, better plans, i must say.

We've been through hell lately. Tsk. I even got DRUNK for the first time. Haha. ;D LOL. Yes people. January 29,2008. My first ever time to threw up and even pass out. ;D LOL. XD Laftrip talaga. I received a lot of sermon from my bestfriend the next day. Haha. Tss. Silly biatch. Tsk. Sarap malasing. :P You'll be able to tell each effin people around you what you really feel. Haha. Nakakahiya nga lang when they'll tell you the stupid things that you did when you got drunk. Matatawa ka na lang talaga. :D Enough enough of my katarantaduhan ok! :P Till our next tagayan. ;D LOL. XD

Back to the MAIN ISSUE.
No. We didn't totally broke up. But we ALMOST did. :( It's the saddest part really. Tssk! We had lots of talks back then, make-up talks. Hehe. Well it worked, it worked for a couple of days and after that? Away na naman. ;( Sino ba naman ang hindi magsasawa at hindi mapapagod? Diba? Hehe. But of course, you'd want to try and fix it up again. You'll do everything & anything right? That's what were doing all the time. But it seems like nothing's changed.

It's our 4th month yesterday. ;) Haha. LOL. Well i told you, we're still together. Still hoping that everything will turn out good as what we always wanted. Let's make it for real this time dear. ;) Nag-usap na tayo haa. Haha!:D Tss. Happy 4th sharing again twat! :D Haha. Be good okay. ;)

ILY. :)

I don't know how to put a comment section on my entries. SOS people. ;D Thanks. ;)

Y 2.03.2008Y
10:16 PM
Haha. I'm soo back. :) Being online is so on again dude. :) I'm still catching up with people on the world wide web. :) And what do you know, Friendster is getting worst than everr! Tss. I was just trying to upload a photo, 600Kb to be exact with it's size then suddenly i can't upload it coz it's too large daw sabi ng gagong friendster. Duh?! It was just 600kb not 2mb. Haha. :D Laughtrip chong, laughtrip. So, okay. I not gonna upload photos muna. Nabubulok na kasi friendster ko. Haha. I'm not able to update coz of internet access problems. Tsk tsk.

Anyways, I'm back again to the onlining world. Haha. :D Whatev. :)

More updates to come. :)

Co-bloggers : Guys, thanks for all the messages on my cbox. :) Lovelove. :)

Y 1.21.2008Y
10:26 AM
I blogged. Okay i'm the loser. Haha. :D I'm still not able to blog things out. Stupid shit mutha fuck. HAHA. :D Sorry Sorry. :))

But hell maaan. I'm still alive and kickin' shit. Haha. :D

I'm just facing some stupid problems. But it'll be fixed soon. Hopefully. :3 Blahh.

Neeways, no time to waste.

I gotta go. :))

Be back in a year twats. :D LOL. XD

Y 1.10.2008Y
10:59 AM
Huhu. Wala na namang internet sa bahay. Puta! Whhooops! Haha. ;)

I can't go online and update. Geez!

Anyhow, to the people on my cbox, thanks y'all. Haha. Concern kayo? :P Kayo talagaaa. :D LOL.
Thanks thanks. ;))

Well sadly, we're still fixing up things. You know what i mean right? ;)

Haha. Sheesh.

I gotta go. Be back in a week or two. Tsk.

More lovin. Haha. :)

Y 1.05.2008Y
3:23 PM
Whew! Few days to go and hell yeah! Back to college again. Haha. :D I'm not excited maan.
You see? I'm cool. Haha. :P

I've been through lots of year ender effin problems yenno'. Hehe.
Family, money and even problems with LOVE.

Presence is really a big factor. Tsk. I really don't know what the hell is the reason why we always have something to argue and fuss about. Tsk. :( All i know is that there's really something different now than before. Maybe it's because we're not able to see each other coz it's holiday season. Err. I really don't knoooow. And worst, there's no one to blame.

And as for now, we're cool. We're okay. :) Hehe. We've talked it over last night and i think that's it. No more fussin' and fightin'. Haha. It'll do us worst if we keep on arguing about non-sense issues. Hehe. We're old enough to figure out what to do. Haha. :P Mature enough to avoid stupid fights. Haha. :D

Anyways, we'll always understand each other's short comings. :)

Y 1.03.2008Y
1:54 PM
Yes yes! I'm back to life again people. :) I've been real busy lately. Oh well, holidays. What do you expect? :P Loads of plans all over. Tsk! Busyness busyness. Haha. :P

Goodbye 2007. It's been a great year for me. Many things were learned. :) Thank God! :)

Senior high-school days
New friends
Fell in love with a friend
Love life
Pig-outs with friends
Major interest in playing drums and guitar
Fought with friends
Turned 16
Waved goodbye to high-school days
Entered college
Learned how to be a little independent
Got hurt and almost broken into pieces
Gained new friends
Still loving good old friends
Realized that HE really deserves to be dumped big time and actually did it.
Still laughing out loud
Still loving all kinds of music
Still the magulo and makulit as before and getting worst. :D
Still open for some changes in myself that'll do me better
Still working on my bratty attitude
Still madaldal and lively
Still understanding and open minded
Still patient enough
Still lazy
Still appreciative
Still speaking my mind
First ever time to drink beer
Met someone that made me feel really special. :)
Loved socializing
Loved college life
Been into blogging
Learned more about Photoshop
Got interested in photography
Had moodswings
New relationship
Loving each day with him
Enjoyed every new day and made the most out of it
Encountered many problems but never gave up
Still having good times and bad days
Been the best person i can be for the people i LOOOVE. :)

Good year, definitely. :)

I'm hoping for more this 2008. :)
I've got some list though. :P
This year will be better, I'll be better. :)

Improve my fucked up grades last sem
Still looking forward to improving myself
Still be the optimist person
Be more confident
Say NO to laziness
Keep healthy
Still be the good girl
Still keep my slim fit body in shape. LOL. :D
Avoid too much spending
Go home early. Haha. :D
Spend more time with family? Ack
Party up with friends
Still be laughing my ass hard
Still be speaking my mind
Looking forward for many years i spend with him. :)

Basically, it's all changing for the better right? :) I'm soo hoping for good things to happen this year. :)

Anyways, i'm all serious on this dude. ALL SERIOUS. Haha. :D We'll see about that. :)

Y 12.24.2007Y
9:43 PM
Anyhow. Busy still. Tsk. Watta Christmas. Hell like. Hehe.

Someone in the family passed away yesterday. ( Rest in peace )

Shocking? Ye. And to think that Christmas pa. Gawd! Unlucky really.

Ack. Too much stress lately, what more could i ask for? Ang yaman ko sa problema ngayon. Hehe. No money. No new things. Haha. Tapos sasabayan pa ng mga away na wala namang katuturan ang dahilan.

Sino kayang matutuwa? Ikaw, matutuwa ka kaya? Haha. Palagay ko hindi rin. All you can do is just shut up and be it.

Sometimes you can just accept what's happening and stop complaining.

Anyways, No time to talk about the annoying things.

Few hours to go before Christmas y'all. Excited much? I can tell. Haha. :P

Happy Christmas people. :)

1:23 PM
Current mood as of 1:23 in thee PM: Whacked. Badtrip. Pissed off. Muthaffff***??

Eh ano ngayon? Tss.

Friggin' sheesh! Im pissed off. Bwakangna! Hahaha. :D Excuse me bigtime. Just lemme release it. Haaa!

What the heckkk?? You're so getting on to my effin nerves again. Sorry I'm not on the mood to think that It's Christmas that's why we have to set aside our anger or whatsoever.

I say:: SO WHATT???!!

Okay. Breath in, Breath out. Full stop.



You're sooo.. ____ :D Wahaha! XD

Y 12.21.2007Y
1:50 AM
I'm still awake..
Hehe. What? I can't sleep. Christmas break hits in. :) Yeeehoooo. :D
Haha. I'm remembering something..
Someone? ..
Okay. G'nyt. :3

Y 12.19.2007Y
11:00 PM
Long and tiring ass day. Our exams ended up early. Haa! Weehoo. Went to Sm just to kill fuckin' time. Then what do ya expect? My bestfriend is there as well. Buying toys for his little pamangkins. Haha. :)

We went to play tekken sa quantum. Gawd! I was too hooked on that since yesterday. Pwaha.
Nakakatuwa pa pag nakakalampaso ka ng boys na who's playing too. :D You won't know who's playing unless you'll stand up kasi harapan yung arcade. You can't see who's in front of you coz nakaharang yung screen. Haha. :D So i was playing right? Natatawa ako kasi natatalo ko sila and to think they're BOYS ha. Haha. Ang dami pang nanonood at our back. I remember na-perfect ko pa nga yung isa dun. As in na-k.o siya ng hindi man lang nababawasan buhay ko. HAHA. :D How's thaaat? :D (yabang?:P) I love the feeling. :D Napapatingin na lang yung mga nanonood samin coz nagugulat sila na babae pala yung kalaro nila. :P Nyahahaha!! :D Cool. :)

Anyways, enough of tekken. Haha. :P I don't know why the hell there's loads of people sa sm kanina. Oh, Christmas shopping perhaps? Ahh. I see. Everbody is already recieving their early pamasko and all. Haha. Ack! I'm so inggit. :( Ang dami kong kailangang bilhin. New phone, new earphone for my mp3, shoes, clothes, skinny jeans. Ack. How the hell am i gonna do shopping if i don't have money? Suckerr. Haha. :3

He's the sweetest ever talaga. Nag-fit ako ng blouse sa freeway and then i was like 'Whoa! Nice.' Haha. When i went out of the fitting room wearing the blouse..

Dan: Oh. okay yan ah. Bilhin ma na.
Nica: Wala akong pera kaya.
Carlo: Naks! Mga damit na trip mo ah. Sumbong kita kay tooot. :P
Nica: Ano? Haha. :D


Sorry Nica. No money. So hanggang fit ka lang for now. Haha. :D So we went na lang to the foodcourt to rest for a while. Haha. Then napunta na naman sa usapang damit. Gaaaah.

Nica: Dads ibili mo ko ng gift. Sapilitan. :D
Carlo: Bibilin na nga nya dapat yung sinukat mo kanina.
Nica: Ohh?! Talaga??
Carlo: Oo kaya. Diba sabi mo kanina hindi mo mabibili yun kasi wala kang pera?
Nica: Oo. Haha.
Carlo: Sabi kaya ni Dan. “Bakit ikaw ba magbabayad?”
Nica: Wow naman. Haha. :D
Dan: Oo totoo yun. Naubos lang kasi pera ko kakabili ng regalo para sa mga pamangkin ko. J
Nica: Uy ha. Ang sweet. :) Haha. (Na-touched)

Awww. I so love my bestfriend. :P He’s the sweetest ever. :P I mean ye, We’re not able to buy the blouse but still I love his intention of buying it for me. :) Sweeeeeet. :) Very sweet. :)

Haha. Love it. :) I think i don't need much luxuries as long as i have the people i love around like my best friend. :)

Y 12.18.2007Y
8:01 PM
And who told you that being an Unica hija is great?!

Maybe for some, Yes.

But for me? Nooo. I don't think so.

Ever wonder why I haven’t posted any entry about my parents ever since I started blogging? Well it’s probably because I’m not so close to my parents when it comes to my personal life. I mean ye, we do hang out and catch up with each other. They ask me how’s school, what’s up with me and how I’ve been doing during the week. Then I usually answer them casually. Like, “okay lang. Hehe” Yun lang. Simple noh? We do converse during meals and joke around but then there’s this something in me. Naiilang talaga ako. We don’t talk about personal stuffs about me. Maybe I’m just uncomfortable with that kind of topic, and me, sharing it with them. Haha. I feel like I’m inside a box and I can’t show off the real “ME” whenever they’re around. I respect them but I must admit that sometimes I get too stubborn and I don’t listen to what the hell that they say. Hehe. Good girl! Tss.

No no. Don’t get me wrong. I’m the rebellious type who’ll slam the doors and scream at their faces everytime I get scolded by them. How the hell am I supposed to do that? I’m not even allowed to reason out or even explain my side. Personally, reasoning out doesn’t always mean that you’re answering them back in a harsh and bastos manner. Hey, you can still talk cool even if you’re reasoning out right? Agree? Haha. I do sometimes explain my side but still I’m the one who’s always wrong. Am I really? Or maybe they just couldn’t understand me?

Okay okay. My friends would always say that. “ Solong anak ka kasi. Intindihin mo na lang. Mahirap pero ganun talaga. “ I knooow right? Haha. I’m their only child for life and that’s already stuck on every vein that I have. My goodness. 16 na ako. I'm responsible enough! I know what’s good and bad, wrong and right and the true and false. Tss. They are soo effin strict. I mean c’moooon! No matter what I do, I’ll always go home to our house naman eh. Even on personal plans with my friends/blockmates I still have to ask for their permission and take note, they will have to agree first before I go out. Hehe. – Sa Cavite lang lakad ko. Hindi ako luluwas ng Maynila. Haha. Ang sarap sabihin na ganun eh. LOL. :D
But seriously, I get too ashamed whenever that happens. When I was still on my high school days, ang daming beses nangyari yun sakin. Ahaha. You know the feeling that all of your friends are allowed to go out and hit the malls then you, you can’t go with them coz you’re not allowed to? Gawd! It’s unbearable. Haha. Nakakahiya at the same time. Tss. I haven’t even experienced the so-called “sleep over” at your friend’s house in my whole entire life. Hehe. Okay. Jologs na ako and baduy. Haha. :D If only I already have the money, I swear I’m gonna leave our house. Haha. Wtf?! Unlucky. I don’t have my own money that’s why I’m staying here for the sake of my studies. Hehe. There’s no other choice left right? Hehe.

Yes, i'm an only child. But not the spoiled little brat who always gets what she wants. Never been. How i wish ganun na nga lang para i could say that swerte nga ang maging only child like what others say.


They have no idea what it's like..

Y 12.17.2007Y
6:50 PM
Yeh. Busy bee indeed. Haha. Effin boring. I edited some pictures. :)
Look! :D

I obviously love aviators. :D

I'm not emo okay? :D Haha. Love this photo though. :)

Y 12.16.2007Y
11:53 AM
Ang cool talaga ng GLOBE. Yes, very! I mean they ended their unlimited texting service ( i don't know what the fcuk is the reason) while everyone else in their network were ecstatically exchanging greetings of "merry christmas in advance" and usually asking each other like, "lapit na pasko, regalo ko?" I can't believe it! They ended their unlimited services at this time of the year. Sucks! How the hell am i gonna talk to my friends. Duh?! Haha. And worst, how the hell are we gonna send sms to each other? effin globe. Tss! I can seriously rant about this the whole day. No kidding. Haha. I'm obviously pissed. I know other globe subscribers are pissed off too. Haha. Bullshit!

Anyways, i'm gonna leave my mobile alone and hit my books. Tss.

It's our prelims tomorrow. Imma update sooner or later.

Peace. **

Y 12.15.2007Y
8:30 PM
What's up now? I know christmas is seriously fast approaching. Gawd!
But why on earth that i could not even FEEL it? :(

Y 12.09.2007Y
8:09 PM
Haha. Badshitt! I hate it! That effin SUCKS. Pwaha. :D

Y 12.08.2007Y
6:18 PM
I think i'm goin' bad. Haha. Well you know, i'm currently in a relationship and then i do silly things that he doesn't know. *grins* I mean c'mon! I'm supposed to tell him everything that i do right? That's the least i can do to be labeled as good. Haha. :D But then i'm still not able to tell him everything. Shame. Haha. :D

Another thing is that, I'm always going home late. Blaah! Haha. I'm sorry na nga eh. :D haha. :D

I'm gonna make it up to you. Good girl. :D haha. :P Promise promise. LOL. :D

Goodthing you have loooong patience for my bratty attitude. :)

Bunch of thanks for that. :D

I'm still guilty. Haha. Sorry.

Happy 2nd month. :) ILY. :))

Y 12.06.2007Y
9:17 PM
It has been a long while again since i blogged. Long while? did I just said LONG WHILE? Haha.
Exagge. XD And the shameful part? There's lots to blog about but then i got sick of browsing the internet. :D As in i'm bored checking out my accounts and even blog. :D Oh my geez. Sickness struck me again. I'm going home late, I'm always tired and i'm feeling stupid. And tomorrow i'm gonna die. XD LOL.

Enough NON-SENSE. :D

Moving on. There's one really big hit thing that happened just this week. Curious eyy? :D
MY MOBILE PHONE GOT BROKEN. How cool was thaaat? Or should i say, how fucked up was thaat? HAHA. Reason? Well, my cologne got spilled on it and when i saw it? It's all soaked up with cologne. :D And mind you people, it smells good though it's broken. :D I was devastated. I don't know if i'm gonna go hysterical screaming or just strangle the neck of the suspect. XD [ Yeh, i'm soo not the one who broke my phone. Haha. :D I'm not mad. It's not her fault anyway. She just used my cologne and didn't noticed that she's not able to close it properly. Boohoo. Poor phone. ] I can't even believe it! Ginagamit ko yun nung umaga at ang ayus ayus pa nya. Then what? This shit happened. Screw that! It sucks. Haha. :D
Is it an EARLY CHRISTMAS GIFT specially just for me?
Good grieve! I soo loved it. Thanks. :)


Now guess who's to the rescue? :D None other than my ever loving, most loved bestest friend in the whole wide world. :D He made me use his spare phone. N3310. :D HUWATDIPAK? XD I was so laughing my head off when i told him what happened to my phone and i'm gonna borrow his spare. HAHA. :D Weeehooo. :P Pang-kas kas ng yelo. :D Kidding aside people. :P You know, i'm still grateful. :D HAHA. :P I can't live without my mobile as much as i can't live without HIM. LOL. :D Blaah! I bet y'all know what i'm talking about here ye? :P Pwaha. :D
(Sorry for being crazy. Ain't my fault you know! :P)

I'm gonna demand for a new phone. :D HAHA. It's christmas people. Anyone wanna give? :D LOL.

My phone's not broken at all. It's LCD is broken and i think magagawa yun sa repair shop. PWAHA. :D

Y 12.01.2007Y
8:26 PM
Total DAY-OUT. :D Pwaha. :D I went out to meet up Jinnie and Che at school. :) We’re up to doing our homework at the library and that homework needs to be done by Tuesday. Blaah! We’re too prepared, Haha. Oh well. :)

Good girls + Good students = US. :D ( Yeh right! )

Us = Tamad to do homework and hurrying our asses off to go straight at SM Dasma? (Yeh. RIGHT. :D) As in TAMA. :D

Haha! And that’s exactly what we did. Well anyway, our homework is not hard naman, All we have to do is just look for references in the internet,books,newspapers aand periodicals. Reference materials that are related to our topic in ENGL102.
Haha. :D Goodthing! Our topic is just about starting a small business or tips on how to start a small business. :) Yaaah. Too easy right? :D haha. XD There’s lots and lots of books that discusses such things in our topic. So no sweat. Cool. :D

When we reached SM. First thing we did? EAT EAT and EAT. :D We’re too starving already. Haha. :D I’m ate too much maan. Haha. Good at least. :D Coz I need to gain some weight you know. Haha. :)

I’m depressed. :( why? Coz I can’t go shopping. I’m brroooke. DUH! Haha. And I’ve seen too many fab finds at the mall. TSK! How unlucky. :3 I’m up for new clothes and new jeans. :) Whew. Jinnie and I agreed to save money and do nothing more but to save save and save up more. That means that there’ll be no more street foods galore after classes. :( Boohoo! ( Goodbye kwek-kwek and I’ll see you soon. :3 ) Haha. :P We’re actually daydreaming about pampering ourselves one of these days. I mean you know, shopping,new haircut or super food trippin’. :) Haha. It’s a deal though. That’s why we’re saving up MONEEEYY. O’ryt? :P
Stores and botiques, watch out coz we’re gonna be back bigtime. :D HAHAHA. XD

Talking about kakikayan? My gawd. I swear I’m gonna point all my fingers to Jinnie. HAHA. :D She’s like this. “ Ugh! Gusto ko magpakulot Nica. Look! Ang ganda oh.” She’s referring to those at the dept. store. The ones who sell iron curler/straightener in one. And they offer free service sa buhok mo para you’ll be able to see the oh-so girrlyy result on your hair if you’d buy their product. So I’m like “Cge lang. Hintayin kita. Wala naman tayong magawa eh. HAHA.” She’s giggling and mind you, giggling while looking at the mirror the whole time. TSS. VAIIIN! :D So I grabbed her mirror and said. “maya ka na magsalamin para suprays ha? Pota eh! :P” And I’m like looking at her laughing coz the person who’s curling her hair is like irritated at her coz she’s too magulo and hindi mapakali sa upuan. HAHA. :D Sabi ko, “Pssst tumigil ka nga! (pointed at the man curling her hair using my nguso) badtrip tol. XD” She’s like “Oohh?!” with matching irap. :D Haha.XD Irritated na yung bading sakanya kasi ang gulo nya and sinaway na sya di pa rin natigil kakagalaw. :D

Kuya: Miss Jinnie, dapat magpa ayus ka and then magpapicture. Ang ganda ng curls bagay sayo. Me: Oo nga. Kaya lang waka na tayong pera ryt jinnie? XD
Jinnie: naku kuya oo nga! Sayang talaga. :(
Kuya: Dapat magpa make up ka. Tignan mo sya (pointing at me) ang ganda ng ayus kahit walang make-up. At ang hair, rebonded.
Me: Whaaat? Noo! Natural straight yan kuya noh. Haha. muka bang rebonded? TSK!
Jinnie: Onga kuya. Ganyan talaga buhok nya. Haha. XD Hindi rebonded yan.
Kuya: Ah talaga? Ang ganda pala noh? :)
Me & Jinnie: *smiles*

How’s that?My hair’s rebonded daw. Haha. :D Sorry it’s naturally straight since birth. Bwahaha! XD Finally! They’re done curling Jinnie’s hair and OMG, she looked more pretty. :)
Bagay skanya. :P HAHA. :D I’m like her p.a and she’s the artista. HAHA. :D Whoa. :)

It's a pretty good time spent with Jinnie seriously. :P We actually lost track of the time. TSK. I've gotta go home before dark coz i'm told to do so. Hehe. :) I'm being polite now.
I'm gonna make bawi to YOU okay? :)
XOXO baby. :D Lovesloves. :P

I'm looking forward to our so called "pampering day out" haha. :D
I love Jinnie. :) she's my opposite alter ego. :D Love heerrrr. :)

Hey, you! Tsk. Cheer up please? I'm not gonna leave you and i know that you know that sweets. No need to worry much okay? I'll stick to what i told you. :)
See you on Monday dude. :) ILY. :D

What else? haha. :D No more. I'm gonna watch PBB. Mariel's leaving the house. Saaad. *sniffs*

Y 11.30.2007Y
8:05 PM
I'm waay too stressed out this past few days. I mean you know, from school till the matters of the heart. Tss. :( Stressing. ACK.

So i'm gonna do a recap na lang of what i remember. :D Cool? Whatever! :P
  • School's way to stressing. Especially our physical science course subject. Our professor gave us too many short quizes/seatworks/long quizes in just a week or two. WTF? Haha. I can't even believe it. But i still admire her thought. :) Coz of her, I'm kinda' liking Chemistry for the first time. :D Ang talino nya and ang dami niyang alam. My gaaad! And everytime she talks i can't help but listen to what she's saying. HAH! :P Andami ko na ring natutunan sa kanya. :D
  • I finally got the fuckin' chance to drink a BEER. :D haha. :P We went to West wind in Villa Isabel and there, there, we drink,drank and got DRUNK. :D Kiddin' baby. :D Naka-isang baso lang ako ng red horse grande na inorder namin. Haha. such a weakling. :D but what? i don't drink naman kasi eh. I was just urged to do so because of what happened which you'll be reading in a little while. :D I'm telling you, hindi ko nagustuhan lasa ng beer. Haha. :D but they told that it's only coz it's my first time to drink that. So it means that if i'll try it once again it'll taste good na? XD Let's see 'bout that! LOL. :D (uh oh. someone will get mad.) Haha. :P Seriously?i didn't liked it. Nuff said. :D I'm a good girl. :)
  • Love issues? Hell! Haha. :D So ye, we fought and we didn't talked to each other for like 2 days? Fuck thaat maaan! And to think about it, we're both on the same block and then nakaya namin yun? I don't know what the hell just happened to us coz all of a sudden we just didn't talked. TSS. Annoying really. And then i see him na it's like nothingto him and whatsover like he doesn't care and all. Tsk! :( Talk about PRIDE.

Pride? is that a big issue? I mean does it make any sense? Since then i have this OWN point of view that pride is soo not important when love/friendship is concerned. right? agree? haha. or is it the other way around for you? i hope NOT. :( I wish not. :(

You know what? ILY. :')

And i can't say anything more but that. :) Thank God, BATI NA TAYO. :D Wipeee. :P

I still would want to change things that needs to be changed seriously. Haay. :(

Y 11.25.2007Y
4:56 PM
BOREDOM eats me up. And i can't even think of a way on how to spend my time productively except write here on my oh-so precious bloggy blog blog. :D But wait, I don't know what the hell to write. And please, no random thoughts again. NOT AGAIN. XD Haha. But what? I can't help it. My bad! :D

All i did today was just time-wasting. I surfed the internet the whole day i guess. HELL NO! But ye, i did. :D HAHA. :D I blog hopped and jumped from one site to another. HAHA. I invaded someone else's friggin' privacy. LOL. :D

I'm wondering actually on how to personalize my blog? GAAH. :3 i want to personalize my blog template. But how? haha. WEIRD. O.o

What about the weather? HAHA. i love it. :) Cold and windy. Makes me again and again, strangle myself to sleep. HAHA. :D I woke up so late coz of the weather. I thought it's still early but whan i checked out my mobile, it was already 12nn. HAHA. :D How's that? LAZY. :D

Oh my gawwdd! My brain's not functioning properly. I need to be recharged. HAHA. :D

Btw, i hope there'll be classes tomorrow. *crossed fingers*

Y 11.24.2007Y
10:36 PM

" And i feel you now, i'm not alone
I'll always know where you are
When i see myself
I'll always know where you are"

Always know where you are - John Rzeznick

Maan, It goes round nd around my head all the time! Talk about suffering from an LSS. :3

Y 11.20.2007Y
8:03 PM
Oh my gracious! :P Our recollection was much more like of uhh, whatt?! roller coaster ride? haha. :D I must admit that i'm not the religious type of person so i'm like "Uh, what are we gonna do? Pray the whole entire day? Blaah!" It's much fun staying inside the bus at makipag-kulitan sa mga blockmates ko. But i really have no choice right? so there. Let's just see what'll happen next. :)

First up:

Breakfast with my 'mates. :) Ayun na. Haha. :D

Then a mass with the whole lotta people. :D We're mixed with different sections pala. Also with higher levels. Hehe. :D Then some people are just starting to make a scene you know, to be noticed. TSK! I pity for them. I was sitting infront of my mates and those freaks are sitting at their back. I just glanced at the mirror for just a few sec and then my mates heard those girl
say, "Anu ba naman yan. Pok-pok naman oh! " I was unaware actually that those bitches are talking 'bout me. Haha. :D Then i heard someone called my name, i turned back and asked if they called me and they said "NO." Then they heard those girls again saying "Sorry, hindi ikaw yung Nica na tinatawag namin feeling mo ikaw? " Actually, my mates told me the whole thing after the mass. Then i was like. " Talaga?! what's up with them? even use the word pok-pok while hearing a mass? tsk tsk! SHAME ON THEM! " And the funny thing pa ha. Yung pang-asar nila pang-elementary ah. Bwahaha. :D "Sorry di ikaw yung tinatawag namin. Feeling mo ikaw?" DUH! what the hell? Haha. :D i looked at their freakin' faces an i noticed that tad tad sila ng kolorete sa pagmumuka. Now tell me, sino mas pok-pok samin? HAHA. :D Alright, enough of the non-sense. XD Honestly, they gave me something to laugh about. XD HAHA. :D

Insecurity really kills. :D

Now on with the real thing. We we're first taught about what's our purpose there or how will the whole thing change our lives or our personality. My gawd, I then realized that this recollection really is a big thing. It has it's purpose and it'll help us kids to realize things that needs to be realized. :)

ACK! i'm too tamad to kwento eveything that happened. XD Basta basta. I remember something kasi. GRR. haha. XD whatever. But seriously, i cried. XD hahaha! natatawa lang ako sa sarili ko eh. I'm so touched kasi at one part of our reco. Awww. :') We hugged each other and tapped each others back. Aww. :) Super drama na ewan! HAHA! :D i love my mates though.:) And he hugged me first while whispering " ILY. :) " haha! :D maluha luha ako amp! Sweet pa din kahit di ko siya pinapansin nun umaga sa bus. HAHA! Sorry tol. :D

To sum it all up, Ang cool ang reco namin. :D haha. :D

Looking for photos? Check out my multiply na lang. I'll upload it there whenever i gathered the kasipagan. :D

Y 11.19.2007Y
9:24 PM

I have to be in school at 6:15 in the friggin' morning. ACK. Too early. I need loads of sleep pa naman. Tss! Well anyways, I'm gonna sleep early tonight. :) Para more energy mas happy. :D
Haha. Whateverrr! XD I'm quite excited though, just quite. Hehe. :D

BTW, I'm a little exhausted today. Gaahh! :3 I need to rest na. haha. :D

I'm gonna upload pictures of our RECO tomorrow. :)

As for now, I'm gonna hit the sheets. :) G'nyt! :)